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Lammert VH4 Custom Profile (Kemper Profiling Amplifier)

Image of Lammert VH4 Custom Profile (Kemper Profiling Amplifier)


This is a custom profile of my Diezel VH4 amp through A Mesa Rectifier Box.
The profile is extremely versatile for different styles, guitars and tunings, my Profiles and IRs are being used in several recordings as well as on stage by some of the biggest names in Metal (Thy Art Is Murder, Devil Driver, Polar, Abigail Williams and many more).
Yes, it's a single profile and it might cost more money than some of the more generic packs out there, but if you try it, you'll know that it's in a class of its own and that there's no competition.
Whatever guitar with whatever pickups you're using, this profile will deliver!
check it out here:

Disclaimer: in order to use this profile, you'll need a Kemper Profiling Amplifier / KPA